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HZ | Accazeta | B&B a Terme Vigliatore

HZ | Accazeta | B&B a Terme Vigliatore

Welcome to HZ | Accazeta B&B

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of the HZ | website Accazeta B&B.

HZ | Accazeta B&B is located in Terme Vigliatore (ME) in Via Acquitta, 31.

Check-In/Check-Out Policies

This property applies the following check-in and check-out times and conditions:

Arrival: from 3pm to 6pm
Departure: by 10:00 am.

Ownership and cancellation policies



Check-in from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm, Check-out no later than 10.00 am.
The conditions relating to cancellation and prepayment vary depending on the type of accommodation.
Children of all ages are welcome.
It is not possible to add extra beds at this property.
Pets are not allowed. It is possible to stipulate a company agreement, call us and every need will be assessed individually and promptly.
Do you plan to arrive after 6pm? Notify us! There are no connecting rooms, only adjacent rooms to be requested at the time of booking.
Quadruple rooms are available, one of which is communicating: it is a single room divided into two rooms. In one there is a bunk bed and in the other a double bed.
There are no single rooms, we only have rooms with a double bed for use by one person.
Direct booking is subject to prepayment. Call us directly and we will evaluate together!
It is possible to request a receipt during your stay.
HZ bed & breakfast accepts credit cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold the amount prior to your stay.

I. Scope of applicability
1. These Terms and Conditions regulate the contracts for the rental use of the rooms of the HZ bed & breakfast for the stay, as well as for all other goods and services offered to the customer in this context (Hz Stay Contract).
2. To sublet the rented rooms, use the hotel rooms for purposes other than accommodation, for public invitations or other advertising purposes, for interviews, sales or similar events, the customer must obtain prior written consent from HZ bed & breakfast, which may also require payment of an additional fee.
3. The general conditions to the customer are prohibited only upon explicit acceptance of this document.

II. Conclusion of the contract
1. The contract comes into force with the acceptance by the HZ bed & breakfast of the customer’s request. HZ Pension may, at its discretion, confirm the room reservation in writing.
2. The customer is obliged to inform the HZ bed & breakfast, without being asked, at the latest at the conclusion of the contract, if the use of one or more hotel services by the customer could jeopardize the normal activity of the hotel , safety or reputation of the HZ bed & breakfast in relation to public opinion.

III. Services, prices, payments, compensation
1. The customer is required to pay the agreed prices or apply HZ bed & breakfast for the rooms and other services provided. This also applies to services ordered by the customer directly or through HZ bed & breakfast provided by third parties and paid for by HZ bed & breakfast.
2. The agreed prices include all local taxes and duties in force at the time of signing the contract. This includes taxes required locally and payable by the guest themselves according to specific municipal laws, for example tourist tax. If the statutory VAT changes or if local taxes are introduced, modified or abolished after these have been contractually agreed, prices will be adjusted accordingly. This only applies to contracts concluded with consumers, if the period between the conclusion and fulfillment of the contract exceeds 4 months.
3. The HZ bed & breakfast may accept a subsequent request from the customer to reduce the number of rooms booked, hotel services or duration of stay following an increase in the price of rooms and/or other services.
4. If payment is agreed against receipt, the receipt must be paid without any withholding and paid within ten days of receipt, unless otherwise agreed.
5. For each reminder in the event of non-compliance, the HZ bed & breakfast has the right to request the payment of a penalty of €5. The customer is free to demonstrate that the HZ bed & breakfast has incurred no costs or has incurred lower costs. If the customer is not a consumer, the HZ bed & breakfast is authorized to charge the global amount.
6. The HZ bed & breakfast has the right to request from the customer a suitable advance payment or guarantee, for example by credit card, at the time of signing the contract. The amount of the advance and the payment dates must be agreed in writing in the contract. For advance payments or guarantees for tourist packages, the legal provisions remain unchanged.
7. In cases where this is justified, for example in case of non-payment by the customer or in case of extension of the object of the contract, the HZ bed & breakfast is entitled, even after the conclusion of the contract, to at the time of beginning of the stay, request an advance or a guarantee, as intended in point n. 6 above or an increase in the contractually agreed guarantee or advance, up to the total agreed amount.
8. HZ bed & breakfast is also authorized, from the beginning and during the customer’s stay, to request an adequate advance or security deposit, as intended in point n. 6 above, to the extent that this amount has not already been paid on the basis of what was previously defined in paragraphs nos. 6 and 7.9. Only the customer can compensate, reduce or cancel a complaint of the HZ Bed & Breakfast with an undisputed or established complaint with final effect in court.

IV. Withdrawal by the customer (cancellation, annulment)/non-use of the b&bl’s services (no-show) other applicable legal right of withdrawal or if the HZ bed & breakfast gives its explicit consent to the withdrawal.
1. The contractual agreement relating to the right of withdrawal and the consent to withdraw from the contract must both be in written form.
2. If a date for free withdrawal from the contract has been agreed, the customer can withdraw from the contract within a given account without incurring any costs or claims for damages from the HZ pension. The customer’s right of withdrawal lapses if it is not exercised in writing with communication to the HZ bed & breakfast within the agreed deadline.
3. Pension HZ is entitled to the agreed price even if the rooms are not used, if a contractual right of withdrawal has not been agreed or if this right has expired, if the right of withdrawal or cancellation provided by law has not been granted and if the HZ bed & breakfast does not give its consent to the termination of the contract. The HZ pension must credit the revenues from room rental to third parties, as well as the saved expenses. If the rooms are not rented in any other way, the HZ bed & breakfast can request the contractually agreed rate and determine a global sum for the costs saved. In this case the customer is required to pay 90% of the agreed contractual rate for the stay with or without breakfast as well as all all-inclusive services agreed with third parties, 70% in houses with half board and 60% in half board – pensions . full board. The customer is free to argue that the costs declared have not been incurred or do not amount to the amount requested.

V. Cancellation by the HZ bed & breakfast
1. To the extent that it has been agreed that the customer can withdraw from the contract without charge until a certain date, the HZ bed & breakfast in turn has the right to withdraw from the contract, in whole or in part, until that certain date, if otherwise, the customer requests the rooms booked via contract and the customer, upon specific request of the HZ bed & breakfast and within a reasonable period, does not waive his right of withdrawal. The same applies to the granting of an option in the event that there are other requests and the customer, upon specific request of the HZ bed & breakfast and within a reasonable time, is not willing to make a definitive reservation.
2. HZ bed & breakfast also has the right to withdraw from the contract exceptionally for a materially justifiable cause, in particular if force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of HZ bed & breakfast make it impossible to fulfill the contract or if the services of B&Bs are booked with false or deliberately misleading information or withholding essential facts. The identity or solvency of the customer or the purpose of his stay may be essential facts;
3. The HZ bed & breakfast has valid reason to believe that the use of the B&B services may jeopardize the normal activity of the HZ bed & breakfast, its safety or its public reputation, without this being attributable to the organization or to the sphere of control of the HZ bed & breakfast; the purpose or cause of the stay is not legal; there has been a violation of clause I n. 2 previous; an agreed advance payment or a guarantee or an advance payment required under clause III n. 6 and/or paragraph III n. 7 is not paid even after the expiry of a reasonable period established by the HZ pension.
4. Reasoned withdrawal by Bed & Breakfast HZ does not entitle the customer to claims for compensation for damages.
5. If, in case of withdrawal pursuant to paragraph no. 2 previous, HZ bed & breakfast requests compensation for damages, HZ bed & breakfast may charge a global sum for this claim. In this case, clause IV n. 3, parrafos 2 to 5.

VI. Room availability, delivery and return
1. The customer does not acquire the right to have certain rooms if this has not been expressly agreed. 6. If individual provisions of these General Conditions for B&B Accommodation Contracts are or become invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The legal provisions also apply.
2. Unless otherwise agreed, the booked rooms are available from 2.00 pm on the established day of arrival. If a late arrival time has not been declared agreed or if the room has not been paid in advance, the HZ bed & breakfast is authorized to rent the room to other customers after 6.00 pm, without the customer being able to make claims against the overnight stay. & breakfast HZ on behalf of the action. There is no obligation to rent the room to another person.
3. The rooms for the HZ bed & breakfast must be vacated by 10.00 am on the agreed departure day. If the customer wishes to leave the room after this time, it is possible to agree in advance by paying an hourly rate, based on availability.
4. If the customer uses the room after 10 am without having previously agreed with the HZ bed & breakfast, the HZ bed & breakfast may charge 50% of the full rate (list price) for further use of the room until 6.00 pm (in any case not less than the amount referred to in the previous paragraph 3), after 6.00 pm at least 90 percent. The customer is free to foresee that the HZ bed & breakfast is entitled to a lower request or is not entitled to any request.

VIII. Responsibilities of the HZ Bed & Breakfast
1. HZ bed & breakfast is liable for damage to physical health, limbs and life. It is also liable for other damages caused intentionally or negligently or due to an intentional or irresponsible violation of typical contractual obligations. Typical contractual obligations are obligations that require the correct execution of the contract and on whose fulfillment the customer does and can rely. The violation of the requirements of the HZ bed & breakfast is a ritual equivalent to the violation of the legal representative or substitute attorney. All other claims for damages are excluded, unless otherwise provided in this clause.

VII. In the event that there are interruptions or deficiencies in services, bed & breakfast HZ.
1. bed & breakfast HZ will have to remedy such interruptions as soon as it is informed or following complaints by the customer, without unjustified delays. The customer is responsible for taking all reasonable steps to eliminate the disruption and minimize possible damage. The customer is also required to promptly inform the HZ bed & breakfast in the event that substantial damage may occur.
2. HZ bed & breakfast is not liable towards the customer for objects brought to the hotel according to the provisions of the law. We recommend using the in-room safe. If the customer wishes to take with him money, shares, funds, bonds or other valuable assets worth more than €800 or other items worth more than €3,500, a separate contract for storage is required.
3. Items forgotten by the customer are sent only at the customer’s request, at his risk and expense. HZ Bed & Breakfast holds these items for three months, after which, if any items have value, they will be sent to the local lost and found office. If your local lost and found office doesn’t accept the items, they hold them for another month, after which they are disposed of or destroyed. As regards the responsibility of the HZ bed & breakfast, what was previously defined in paragraph n. 1, paragraphs 1 to 5.
4. If the customer is assigned a parking space in the B&B car park, it is not a custody contract, even if for a fee. The HZ bed & breakfast has no surveillance obligation. The HZ bed & breakfast assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of vehicles parked or maneuvering within the property of the B&B as contained in them exclusively pursuant to the previous point nr. 1, paragraph 1 to 5. HZ bed & breakfast must be informed immediately of any damage.

VIII. Final provisions
1. Changes and additions to the contract or these general conditions must be made in writing. Unilateral modifications and additions by the customer are not considered valid.
2. For commercial transactions the place of execution and payment is the location of the respective HZ bed & breakfast.
3. Bed & Breakfast HZ may, at its discretion, sue the customer also at the headquarters of the relevant Bed & Breakfast HZ or at the customer’s domicile.
4. The contract is governed by and must be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Italian Republic. The application of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods and on Conflicts of Laws is not permitted.
5. HZ bed & breakfast does not participate in dispute resolution mediations by consumer associations.
6. If individual provisions of these General Conditions for B&B Stay Contracts were or become invalid or inapplicable, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The legal provisions also apply.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 14 of EU regulation n.524/2013, consumers resident in states belonging to the European Union are informed that for the resolution of disputes relating to this contract and the online services offered by this site, there is the possibility of resorting to the procedure of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), provided by the European Commission, and reachable at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/.
In compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned legislation, we also inform you that the email address of HZ | Accazeta B&B is info@accazeta.it