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HZ | Accazeta | B&B a Terme Vigliatore

HZ | Accazeta | B&B a Terme Vigliatore

About Us

About Us

We are the Zumbo family, owners of B&B HZ. We chose to devote ourselves to the hotel business because of the appreciation we have received for more than 50 years, from the clientele of our restaurant “La Lampara” which is located next to the new B&B. We offer an atmospheric place all year round.

Friends...never guests

In Acquitta di Terme Vigliatore, in the province of Messina, where sandy shores of dazzling beauty meet the blue sea and where, on the horizon stands out in all its splendor the Aeolian archipelago stands the b&b HZ!

The location

Acquitta, an ancient seaside village, is an almost perfect town where you will encounter in addition to the sea, art, history, natural beauty, archaeological areas and citrus nurseries; you will taste food, sweets and wines of traditional Sicilian cuisine. It is indeed an enchanted place to be seduced by spirit and gluttony.

Close to everything...but far from the chaos

The facility is located directly by the sea and in the town center, just a few meters from basic services. You can reach the HZ Bed & Breakfast by car or by using public transportation:
By car, for those coming from the A20 Messina-Palermo highway, exit at Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, take the SS 113 in the direction of Palermo. For those coming from the Palermo-Messina A20 highway, exit at Falcone, take the SS in the direction of Messina.
By train: the nearest train stations are Falcone and Terme Vigliatore.
By air: Palermo and Catania airports are connected by regional rail and bus lines.


For availability and/or reservation you can send a request via Whatsapp to +39.379.133.45.52 or call the same number.

Check In

Rooms are expected to be delivered from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise needed by our guests. Check-in is by appointment.


The "La Lampara" lido with an equipped beach is just a short walk from the entrance of the HZ B&B.


Super cozy rooms with all the pleasant amenities inside.

Around the corner you will find:

The typical restaurant "La Lampara" with a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea and view of the Tindari- Milazzo gulf, ideal for your events; where you can have tastings of Aeolian fish sprinkled with the best wines from the Sicilian contines.


Cleaning of your room and change of sheets takes place before your check-in and repeated every 3 days; you can request daily cleaning or change of sheets when you make your reservation.

Restaurant "La Lampara"

Bar, pastry shop, coffee shop, ice cream shop. It is here that you can have breakfast slushies. Brioche, croissants, taste cannoli, cassata, ice cream and more. Sicilian cooking and baking are arts of ancient origin. Deep ties unite dishes and desserts with myth and religion. What you will eat in Sicily today is the union of cultures and peoples-Sicans, Siculians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Germans, French, Spanish. it is the same character that you will find in monumental art.

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+39 379.133.45.52


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We invite you to experience all that our B&B has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you soon

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